Selling your home can bea challenging experience without the right people to help you through the process.Real estate agents whoare familiar with your neighborhoodare in the best position to assist you in your home sale. You'll need to prepare your house for home-buyer walkthroughs, get comparable home sale prices, and have an appraisal done to officially assess your home's value. Updating your property's landscaping and applying a fresh coatof paint to your home's exteriorcan do wonders, as well.
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Estimating Your Home’s Value

Though many potential sellers are choosing not to sell their homes in todays down market, your property may be worth more than you suspect. Some cities have remained less affected by economic woes than others. Cities with low unemployment, good schools, and a high quality of life have persevered.

Many potential sellers are wondering if they should sell now or wait it out. Home value’s declines persist, due in part to an increased percentage of distressed properties on the market. Due to the uncertain future of the real estate marketplace, it is important to find out how much your home is worth when considering listing.

Use an Internet real estate estimation tool if you want to check your property value. Your real estate professional can also appraise its worth. Paying for a professional appraisal is another option.