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Thinking of refinishing your basement ? Want a new deck in the backyard? Are you sick of looking at your popcorn ceilings? Does your master bedroom need a new coat of paint? We've got the best home improvement professionals in your area in our online Rolodex , from A (Architect) to Z (Zoning Specialist). We also have tips to help Do-it-Yourselfers get started. Whether you spruce up your digs yourself or hire a contractor, home improvement projects can help boost your property values as well as your quality of life.

When shopping for new windows, consider the energy efficient ones. When properly installed and maintained, energy efficient windows can reduce heat and air conditioning loss heating and air conditioning costs per year by up to 50 percent. New window styles are more durable, sleeker, and environmentally friendly than old brands. Homeowners can now enjoy a tax credit of up to $1,500. Be sure to find out what window glazing, framing, coating, and operating type will best suit your home.

Painting Siding Kitchen Remodeling

One of the easiest ways to beautify your home—inside and out—is with a new coat of paint. Over time, paint tends to peel, which gives your home a worn-out, weather-beaten look. Peeling paint can expose surfaces to water, leading to damage and decay. The most attractive, robust paint jobs starts with meticulous prep work To ensure your walls are prepared for new paint in advance by washing, spackling, caulking, and priming your walls in advance.

One of the best ways to give your home a new look is to install new siding. You can choose from a variety of materials, such as: wood, stucco, natural stone, or vinyl siding. Advances in the building product manufacturing industry have made manufactured siding a relatively inexpensive choice. The best siding can last for more than 50 years when it is properly maintained. Recent technological advances in building product manufacturing have made manufactured siding a relatively inexpensive choice.

Since most people consider the kitchen the centerpiece of their home, the majority of people think of it as priority #1 when it comes to home improvement projects. Before embarking on a kitchen remodel, be sure to consider what will work in the space you have. Also, consider discussing eco-friendly options with your contractor. With all the organic materials available today, greening your kitchen is a lot easier now than it used to be.

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