Selling your home can bea challenging experience without the right people to help you through the process.Real estate agents whoare familiar with your neighborhoodare in the best position to assist you in your home sale. You'll need to prepare your house for home-buyer walkthroughs, get comparable home sale prices, and have an appraisal done to officially assess your home's value. Updating your property's landscaping and applying a fresh coatof paint to your home's exteriorcan do wonders, as well.
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Selling in Today’s Market

You can take steps to make selling your home easier. If you want to sell your home, you will face a market of declining home prices.

To sell today, you need to set your asking price lower than what you think your property worth. Include the original and current asking price on Internet ads and flyers. If your asking price is too high, potential buyers will balk at your irrational monetary expectations.

You need to know the sale prices of comparable homes in your area to negotiate. Set a price that’s slightly under the market value or up the ante by offering to a contribution toward closing costs.