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Services That Provide Site Preparation And Junk Removal In San Francisco, California

When you move you may actually generate a lot of trash that might surprise you. You'll pick through your things and decide what to keep and what to toss, and the previous owners of your new home may also leave some things behind. When you buy a vacant lot you may also need some debris removed before building. A building site needs to be prepared before you can build that dream home or any other property. It's always a wise idea to hire a professional to do this for you since it will probably be easier and faster, not to mention safe. When getting your lot ready, you can hire a professional service that will:

  • Remove any structures that may currently be on the site.
  • When the foundation is dug, there is usually debris that needs to be removed because of this.
  • Brush, weeds, and even small trees will need to be cut and removed.
  • Clear traffic paths in and out of the lot so that all tires and cars are protected!

Even in a small garden you risk injury from things you may dig up, whether it be old tin cans, glass of all sorts, sharp rocks, and so on. Now imagine this on a large scale! It's not good to risk your own safety and the safety of those working on this site by trying to clear everything yourself. A professional is always recommended for this type of work. If you don't handle things properly you could get injured, and perhaps even seriously, and so could anyone else on the lot.

As a matter of fact, the things that could be pulled from the ground may include:

  • Broken glass, metal of all sorts, and other very sharp objects.
  • Larger bricks, stones, rocks.
  • Trash that has been tossed in the lot including dangerous items like batteries and other items with chemicals.

Before you actually hire a professional building site preparation crew, be sure to ask them these questions:

  • Do they have the right certifications to do business in San Francisco, California?
  • How do they handle toxic or poisonous materials that are found on the site?
  • How do they know if they're going to uncover these materials in the first place?
  • What is their safety equipment and also their rules for their crew and for any site visitors?
  • And also ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate including their worker's compensation insurance.

It's also good to find out how they dispose of the materials they uncover in your lot. Ask what happens to these items and where their load will go.

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