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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is extremely durable. It can last for nearly a century, if taken care of in the proper manner, which is one reason for its great popularity. There are roofing contractors who are becoming experts in metal roofing.

Metal roofing is not just tin barn-style roofs. Over the years, the types of metal roofs have expanded to include many beautiful and easy-to-install varieties. Consult a metal roofing contractor to see what options are available.

Materials Used in Metal Roofing

There is much more than just tin available for building a metal roof. The variety is vast in price, durability, and appearance as well as material. A roofing contractor can help make the decision of what type of roof is good for any given structure.

  • Steel – Steel is strong and heavy, available in a range of colors. This metal is finished so it will not corrode. It is not as light as aluminum, but it is cheaper than alloy, stainless steel, or copper roofs.
  • Aluminum – Not only is aluminum light, it is rustproof. As with steel, it comes in many different colors. This metal is usually coated.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel does not rust, but being steel, it is a heavy material. This is a very expensive material for roofing. The use of a Terne coating can give the roof a natural gray finish.
  • Copper – This is an ancient roofing material. Copper has been used for roofs for centuries. Exposure to the elements eventually develops a greenish patina over the copper, which can be a beautiful effect. This is an extremely expensive material to use, so much so that it is in danger of being stolen, because it can be sold for a decent price.
  • Alloys – There are a number of metal alloys available for roofing, but these tend to cost a great deal of money.

The Ups and Downs of Metal Roofing

Anyone with a heart set on metal roofing will find any of the cons associated with it easy to ignore. It is not cheap to install a metal roof, but it lasts far longer than another type of roof.

There is always the fear that a metal roof will attract lightning – but a roofing contractor who knows metal roofs also knows now to properly ground them.

Damaged metal roofing can be replaced easily, even just an individual section, if the whole roof is not damaged.

Rain and hail on a metal roof can be quite noisy. Some people find the sound soothing. Those who find it more distracting or annoying than anything else can add insulation against the sound of rain.

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