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The Repair And Installation Of Sewer Mains

The repair of an old sewer main or the installation of a new one can end many plumbing emergencies. This is most definitely not a job for someone who isn’t a professional. Not only will a plumber be necessary, but a plumbing contractor should be contacted as well.

Most locations require a permit for anyone to do any installation work on a sewer main, and sometimes a final inspection. Fortunately, most areas have a number of plumbers and plumbing contractors available whenever there is a problem involving the sewer mains.

Having the sewer main inspected from time to time can prevent a lot of problems and save a lot of money in the end. Plumbing professionals have special equipment that can detect small problems before they become larger, like tree roots insinuating themselves into the sewer main. The earlier a problem is found, generally the less expensive it is to repair.

Sewer Main Signs To Watch For

The sewer main is the conduit for all solid and liquid waste coming out of the home. It is important that this valuable part of the home is maintained. Here are some signs to look for that indicates the sewer main needs the attention of a plumbing professional.

  • Professional drain cleaning has not solved an existing problem of slow drainage.
  • The bathtubs, sinks, and toilets all drain too slowly.
  • The use of one facility causes waste water to back up into other facilities. If flushing the toilet causes water to come out of a sink’s drain, it’s time to call a plumber.
  • Any odor that comes out of the drains.
  • Dishwasher waste water coming out of the sink’s drain.
  • Any visible water or sewer scent in the area around the sewer main.

Facts About Sewer Main Installation and Repair

  • Sewer mains are generally buried underground, which means some digging will be involved to install or repair one. A permit may be needed, so be sure to check with the local public works department to see just what is necessary.
  • The time needed for sewer main work varies on a number of factors, including how far the sewer main is from the house, or whether the old main can be salvaged. A whole new main will take longer.
  • It can be expensive to repair or replace a sewer main. Whenever possible, get repairs done to a sewer main when the problem is still new. If the problem is allowed to get worse, the bill will rise as well.
  • Trenchless main repair can be a possibility, so ask the plumbing contractor about it. It will save both time and money.
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