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Enjoying A New Greenhouse In Your Backyard

Have you ever wished that you could go right on ahead and grow you very own cooking herbs for you and your family? Or maybe be able to grow some delicious vegetables, even during the coldest of months? Maybe you would like to have some tantalizing fresh fruits and sweet berries during January, and do not care for the inflated price tag on the berries that you can find in stores during the colder months.

If this sounds like you, and you own your own home, it may be time to consider having a greenhouse put into your backyard. You can be completely self-sufficient and save tons of money on your grocery and produce bill. All you need to do is contact the “right” contractor for the job who shares both your attitude and vision with the project.

So how do you choose the right contractor? First, be sure that he or she is licensed and certified to be performing this type of work in your area. You will also want to be sure that they have experience in building greenhouses, and are familiar with the proper lighting, venting and any other factors that may affect the growth of your food and other greenery inside.

The right contractor will need to know all of the zoning bylaws and other codes that are necessary for building this type of structure on your property. They will also be able to go right on ahead and file the paperwork necessary for such a job. A free WRITTEN estimate should be given by any contractor hired, and they should also know how to use the existing lay out of your backyard to have your greenhouse functioning as well as it can be on your property. Lastly, and most importantly, the contractor MUST have excellent references with examples of previous work (and don’t be lazy – be sure to check these references!).

The next important consideration is: what area of your backyard is the “right” location? Over the next few days look for any areas that are more level and flat (this will reduce the amount of work in having it level and flat). Next, you want to be sure that this area is fairly close to the house, but not SO close that it completely destroys the look of the yard. Lastly, it is important to optimize the sunlight and angle it so that, year round, the most sunlight is being received. This includes keeping the greenhouse away from shading trees and other obstructions.

A greenhouse, when utilized properly, will certainly give you back just what you put into it. If you get a thrill and satisfaction in growing your very own food and flowers, a greenhouse is for you. It will certainly help them grow to be very strong, healthy, and delicious!

Do note, however, that tending to a greenhouse – though relaxing – is also a lot of work! Be prepared to spend some time each day in the greenhouse watering and, perhaps, weeding to ensure that the plants stay healthy and pestilence free.

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