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Save Thousands By Having A Foundation Drainage Installer Visit You

There is nothing perhaps more drastic than having foundation drainage issues. Heck, any sorts of foundation issues are sure to put a damper not only on the foundation yourself, but certainly on your wallet! It is not uncommon for foundation issues to cost upwards of thousands of dollars to be repaired (IF they can be repaired!).

If you are purchasing a new home without a proper drainage system for its foundation, you may expect:

  • Cracks, buckles or even have the foundational walls slide
  • Moisture will build up within the foundation, basement or even the crawlspace that will result in a nasty and rather untameable mold situation.
  • Water that builds up and collects within your home can easily pool, or even freeze during the colder months, which will then push the walls out of place. This will result in foundational breaks and/or weakening

Of course, the drainage issues increases or decreases depending on the area you live in. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know that you are receiving a lot of rain and require good drainage. The Northeast receives tons of snow in the wintertime, so drainage is imperative there as well. The Arizona desert, however, may not have to be as concerned as these other areas.

If you are building a new home, or if you are buying an old one and have acknowledged that the drainage can be better, it may be about time to hire on a professional drainage installer.

NOTE: Be sure to check your insurance policy – these change from state to state, so do not assume that the insurance you had in Maine will have the same rules that apply in California. Generally speaking, however, any contractors that you hire on for work need to be LICENSED; otherwise your insurance company does not cover their work and you can be held liable for a whole lot that you are not expecting.

Once the foundation drainage is in place, there are some other ways in which you can prevent moisture, such as:

  • Consider installing some thick, black plastic sheeting on both the floor and also into the actual interior foundational walls
  • Be sure that the gutters on the exterior of the home are clean and that all drain spouts will not cause water to come in contact with your house
  • Check the sealing on all foundational walls regularly

Having a well-drained foundation is imperative. It will save you from any sort of moisture issues, or foundation drooping, slanting, or even full on collapsing. Without an appropriate drainage system, you are putting your home and family in danger. Once your home is showing some wear and tear from moisture build up in the foundation, it may be too late to have it fixed. If you do notice even cracks in the foundation, do contact a foundation drainage installer as soon as possible to help avoid any costly repairs or other unfortunate mishaps that may crop up along the way.

If you also have any doubt about the foundation whatsoever, do not be shy; contact a professional and have it checked.

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